The highest good

Your purpose is to awaken.

“Good fortune is arbitrary, and certainly nothing we can rely on – yet we still cling to the belief that it’s our right that things always go our way.”
~Ezra Bayda~

I often use the term highest good when seeking clarity regarding life situations. Most people assume that highest good means joyful or easy; however, since the soul desires to awaken, it will sometimes choose to walk directly into karmic situations specifically for the growth that is accelerated by the struggle.

What many don’t remember, when in the midst of a challenge, is that happiness is the natural by-product of higher consciousness. The temporary discomfort we experience awakens our strength and resilience and sets us on a journey of self-discovery. The awakened soul eventually achieves a state of inner mastery which provides a sense of empowerment and peace, no matter what the circumstance.
The slow transformative path to freedom requires that we open to life. Embrace the things that seem to block your way to love and shine the light of consciousness upon them. Your soul knows exactly what it is doing.

Today my intention is to live in a world of wonder. I am willing to allow the universe to surprise me.
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