The fire of awareness

The living fire of awareness burns away that which is no longer needed.

“Freedom and change are in the air. I discard old ideas.”
~Louise Hay~

Awareness is a living flame that burns within you. It burns away ego, greed, possessions, desire, expectation and limitation… and when all is gone, what remains? Only the light of pure potential.

Often we carry a debilitating fear of loss within us. We cling to things, people and ideas that hold us back from experiencing freedom. We are afraid to take a risk and can get lost in inaction. Only through purging can we allow wholeness and passion to shine through.

Imagine an exquisite work of art left forgotten in a dark corner. Over the years dust has built up, things have been piled around it and people pass it by without knowing its true value. And one day, in comes someone who knows what to look for. She can see through the muck and is excited to gently clear away the build-up. Slowly, the piece is returned to its natural glory. It is lit and lovingly displayed for all to enjoy and perhaps inspires others to see the potential for beauty around them.

You are the work of art. Your awareness is the art lover. Your spirit is the witness.

Today my intention is to make time to do the things that I enjoy. I am willing to experience life in a new way.
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