The doorway of perception

Your level of consciousness determines how you view the world.

“Realize that the feeling we need fixing is predicated on the belief that we are broken. That belief is just another thought.”
~Ezra Bayda~

Memories, judgments and opinions create blockages in your experience. They reflect the programming that your experience of life has presented via imprints and upbringing, societal consciousness, advertising, spiritual and political ideology.
If we were to remove all titles (which carry all sorts of implied and “accepted” truths) and just experience what is without a filter limiting the experience, we’d see life from a myriad of viewpoints. We rarely see things as they are: we see things as we are.
Awakening is the systematic removal of limited perception. When you look at a flower or a tree, notice the minds tendency to name it rather than experiencing it with your senses. Take a moment to breathe in it’s presence, let your eyes take in each detail, feel the texture and listen to its message. The infinite is all around you, and within you. Listen without words.
Today my intention is to see clearly.
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