The destructive energy of guilt

Guilt is one of the most destructive mind sets in which we can become trapped. When we miss the mark, wrong another or make unhealthy choices, we get lost in the stories of the mind and miss all the beauty that life has to offer.

Of course we all long to be the best version of ourselves that we can be; however, it’s good to remember that guilt is debilitating and serves no higher purpose. It does not compel us to be better. It solves no problems. It does not heal our relationships, and in fact, it blinds us to all productive possibilities.

Should you encounter a memory or circumstance in which you feel you “could have” done better, simply observe it, own it, love yourself and learn from it. It’s natural to fumble our way toward ecstasy from time to time and you are perfect in your imperfection – that is part of the learning process.

Offer yourself the gift of understanding. The Path of Transformation requires integration, participation and passion. Spiritual maturity provides us with the knowledge to consistently enter the realm of creation. We learn from the past, share our knowledge and enrich the lives of others. You are already a masterpiece, a magnificent and intricate work of art, It is merely waiting to be recognized.

Today my intention is to honor the processes of my awakening. Each situation and circumstance in my life has something to teach and holds great value.

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