The Bird’s Way

Collectively, we are being given an opportunity to create pivotal changes in the way we live, think, work, love and dream….

“The way of meditation is a long arduous path while The Bird’s Way is a clear direct path of Self-investigation, Self-exploration, and using thought or concepts as an aid to understanding and Self-Realization. Sometimes this approach is also called the Reverse Path. What Reverse Path indicates is the turning around of one’s attention away from objectivity to the more subjective sense of one’s Beingness.
~Sri Samartha Siddharameshwar Maharaj~

To utilize The Bird’s Way, begin with sound to create a harmonious atmosphere around you. This can be a chant, mantra or tone that soothes the soul. For several minutes, simply immerse yourself in this moment of transformation. If there are other sounds in the home, choose to allow them to fade into background noise and place all your attention on the tool you are using to create a moment of peace.

From this place of subtlety, imagine yourself rising above to view life as a bird does. Feel the warmth of the sun, enjoy the gentle breezes that allow you soar above, enter the silence and stillness of a beautiful sky… appreciate your freedom. Visualize all of life entering this beautiful moment with you.

As an awakening soul, you have the tools to transform any experience into one that brings incredible depth, insight and peace. Each of us can navigate the paradox of the human and spiritual realms and discover the delicate balance required to act as a bridge between the mundane and the Divine. Be the change you wish to see.

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