The attainment of Joy

What if living a joyful life was your only objective?
That’s Right! Knowing that my thoughts create my reality, I choose to seek for the gift that is waiting in every situation
Peacefulness comes from realizing that all you desire is already within you. Each of us has the capacity to create joy in our experience though it can often get lost in the midst of ones goals and anxieties and the stories created by the mind.
Be here now. Wherever you are, stop for a moment and choose to be fully present. Are you joyful, grateful and at ease with this moment? If so, expand upon that energy as much as you can throughout the day. You attention with create even more joy in your experience.
If you have a situation that seems to block you from feeling joy – financial troubles, relationship challenges, issues of self-worth or doubt – set it aside for just a moment and bring your attention only to the Now. Are you safe? Loved by someone? Can you take a deep, conscious breath and just be? Behind the conditions that seem to block the flow of joy is the realm of infinite possibility. Go there and recharge, knowing that you have the ability to be joyful in the midst of transition or while learning new aspects of your own capabilities.
Be bold. Shatter the patterns that no longer serve you and know beyond the shadow of a doubt that you are deeply loved and supported each and every step of the way.
Today my intention is to be Joy.
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