The Art of Friendship

Friendship is the highest form of love.

A friend is someone who inspires, who challenges, who sends you in search of your truer sense of yourself.”
~Steve Lopez~

Friendship, when integrated with consciousness, becomes a way of being. Rather than relating through possessiveness or a closeness shared with a select few, we discover how to become friends with life itself. This friendliness increases as it is given.

There is a sacredness in sharing your joy and loving kindness without expectation. It becomes a dance between souls, and ultimately we feel only gratitude for those who are willing to accept the love we have to give.

Choose to befriend all of existence. Allow the art of friendship to create an energetic field of peacefulness around you. Your presence is a blessing. Whether near or far, nothing diminishes the light of your beautiful spirit and the impact you have on those you love.

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