Exploring the Depths of Emotion

“Experiencing our emotions fully, without wallowing in them or turning away, allows us to break through the layers of protective armor and connect with the heart. Fully felt, our emotions can clear the path to the deep well of compassionate love that is the essence of our being… and we are free to receive all the world.”   
~ Ezra Bayda~   
Just a little bit of insight and awareness can transform your entire life. You can only truly understand what you have experienced; therefore, it’s important to explore the depths of emotion. When emotional pain rises to the surface, it is an indicator that it is ready to be healed. These deeply buried wounds of the past are repeatedly reflected in our life experiences until they are cleared.In order to receive healing, we must choose to become vulnerable and open to the love of the Universe. Openness and acceptance create a space where we can dissolve the struggle and suffering once considered by the ego to be necessary and unavoidable… From this state of wholeness, we can help others to become whole as well.

Feel your way to freedom. Honor the emotions that arise with the knowledge that they are meant to help you break free from restrictive thoughts and beliefs. Untethered, the energies of infinite possibility feed the flames of your life purpose in a transformative and powerful way.

Self Love

“The person you’ll have the hardest time opening to and truly loving without reserve is yourself. Once you can do that, you can love the whole universe unconditionally.”
There is nothing more beautiful than someone who shines from within… Everyone who has manifested you into their life, has done so because of the unique light and energy that you possess. When you can be yourself, love yourself and occasionally laugh at yourself, you are providing them with the perfect experience.

It’s that lightness of non-expectation that is so appealing. When you first meet someone, the attraction begins because you are simply being you. When we load ourselves up with the weight of expectation, fear and desire, that beautiful, original and carefree spirit gets buried underneath layers of thought.

When creating a healthy, balanced, joyful life, remember to be kind and compassionate to yourself. All too often people give and give until they are burnt out, stressed out and overwhelmed. Your kindness must begin within. Love yourself. Reward yourself with thoughts of praise. Know that others respect you and appreciate all that you do. With our loving attitudes, we help to create a world where it is safe to love one another.

Soul Lessons

“From innumerable complexities we must grow to simplicity; we must become simple in our inward life and in our outward needs.”
~Jiddu Krishnamurti~

Each of us chooses to come to this planet to accomplish the same thing – to awaken to the divinity of Being and the Oneness that connects us all. All of existence weaves together in a tapestry of experience, lessons, insight and awareness that will guide you throughout this process of awakening. There is a primary inner purpose – to awaken, and a secondary outer purpose – whatever role you have chosen as the vehicle for that awakening. For some this means family, for others it may be teaching, artistry, healing, building… thankfully, there are infinite ways to live in one’s truth while remaining aligned with our inner purpose.

When you place more importance upon the outer purpose (the transitory experience of this lifetime), the inner purpose suffers. This often creates repetitive patterns and blockages that plague us until we clear them and return to the true purpose of our earthly experience. There is nothing more important than your state of consciousness in the present moment. All joy, clarity and freedom come from this state of inner balance and flow into all that we choose to do.

The Joy of Experience

“In wisdom gathered over time I have found that every experience is a form of exploration.”
~Ansel Adams~

There is nothing to be gained from making life harder than it needs to be, and yet we sometimes find ourselves doing just that. in the midst of chaos we often spin a bit further into confusion before we remember to breathe and go within.

Everything in your experience can spark an awareness of your purpose in the physical world. When you open yourself to accept assistance and guidance, you create space in which transformation can occur. One of the greatest gifts you can offer yourself is to cultivate healthy detachment and trust. As we release attachment to outcomes, we open ourselves to receive greater ease and joy on our path.

Whatever is experienced fully transforms into joy, while conversely, resistance slows the process. During your gratitude moments, choose something and give it your full attention. Notice any thoughts that arise and pull yourself back into your experience. This awareness will open your heart and energy as you become the observer. Awareness is a process. These few moments connect you to universal love.

Your sojourn here holds great purpose. Seek to be grounded, centered and silent enough to experience life with compassion. From there, anything is possible.


“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious. The latter procedure, however, is disagreeable and therefore not popular.”
~C.G. Jung~

This lifetime is the culmination of all the experience and knowledge you have gathered throughout many incarnations on this planet. The higher self seeks to integrate the wisdom it has accumulated and thus you will attract the teachers and circumstances which allow you to do so. Be patient, open and trusting throughout your exploration.

Our sojourn here is a continuing exploration into the expansion of the heart chakra – expansion which leads to greater compassion, more peace and infinite possibilities. Ultimately, the process of your awakening is to honor, forgive, accept and love all that you have ever been.

One of my favorite ways to nurture the seeds of inner growth is to light a candle. Sit a few moments contemplating the flame, perhaps even losing yourself in the flickering light. Gently draw the energy from the flame into your heart chakra with both hands and then visualize your soul light expanding outward. Touch the world in love, sending light and compassion to those who have walked the journey with you.

Awakening the Heart

“You are here for no other purpose than to realize your inner divinity and manifest your inner enlightenment. Foster peace in your own life and then apply the Art to all that you encounter.”
~Morihei Ueshiba~
Enlightenment is a life long process. There will be times when we feel empowered, balanced and ready to face the world with conscious intent and others when we may feel that we’ve missed the mark. The process of awakening is nuanced and layered with opportunity to discover hidden aspects of ourselves that are ready to shine.
As we awaken, the hold of the ego lessens. We learn to recognize old patterns and beliefs when they arise and utilize them as stepping stones to greater awareness. Act with integrity, do your best and accept what is. If you are true to your authentic nature you can allow circumstances to unfold as they will.
Everyone does the best they can based upon their soul age, level of consciousness, imprints and history. It’s helpful to remember this: if they could do better, they would… this is true for each and every one of us. Throughout the process of enlightenment, we are continually transformed and thus, transform the world around us.