Soul Contracts

Intensity in our interactions with one another ultimately teaches us Oneness.

“Karma is an emotionally intense experience which causes a sense of imbalance in the participants. Part of being on the physical plane is having intense experiences so you can learn from them.”
~From Michael, The Basic Teachings~

Karma is neither good nor bad. It allows the opportunity to experience both sides of a situation so that we can learn compassion for one another, ultimately achieving balance and unconditional love. It can take many lifetimes to complete a karma. For instance, in one life you may have helped someone to find shelter in their time of need. Several lifetimes later you meet a realtor who works tirelessly to find you the perfect home. During the process you feel intensely connected and at the end of the transaction, you feel peaceful and complete.

If one was responsible for taking a life as a young soul, they might find themselves in a situation as an old soul where they rescue that person (perhaps losing their life in the process), thus balancing the energy.

We have free will regarding whether or not we’ll initially engage in a particular karma; however, once it is in play, the participants must see it through until the end. Emotional intensity is the indicator that the soul is working on a lesson. Once complete, all involved will feel a sense of neutrality and balance.

When you find yourself in the midst of intensity, do your best to remain conscious so that you can move through it more quickly. Recognize that these sacred contracts have a purpose and will ultimately teach you exactly what you are ready to learn.

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