Soul ages and awakening

We are all masters in the process of awakening.

That’s Right! I handle all my experiences with wisdom, love and ease

The awakened soul strives to live with an open heart. We learn from our experiences and interactions, discovering the most when dealing with those who reside at varying levels of consciousness.

We desire others to accept us as we are, but when that preference crystallizes into a demand, we reject them for being who they are and judgment blocks our capacity for love. Older souls have had more practice in the art of compassion and empathy and often have the opportunity to teach by example.

The more we see our challenges as opportunities to achieve enlightenment, the less we judge ourselves for being less than perfect. We are all masters in the process of awakening. No matter what the soul age, we share the same journey of Oneness and love.

Soul Ages

  • Young – These souls are concerned with matters of survival. They are learning how to function on the planet
  • Baby – Baby souls require structure. They tend to see life in black and white and embrace rigid beliefs
  • Young – Young souls are here to explore power, greed and control. They typically step into roles that exert influence over baby souls who aren’t ready to break free from the perceived need for protection
  • Mature – Mature souls have learned the lessons of power and now have reached the level of exploring compassion, family, community and healing. They work on balancing the karma created in the previous cycles
  • Old – These souls are nearing the end of their journey. They begin to prepare for the next step of evolution and must teach a certain number of people before they leave the planet. They are not bound by structured belief and are therefore often feel very misunderstood by the younger soul ages

It’s important to remember that each person you encounter is experiencing life through the perspective of their soul age and level of consciousness. When you bring mindful awareness to these encounters, you’ll find a common meeting ground by accepting them as they are.
Today my intention is to live in harmony with life. I am surrounded by love, support and guidance.

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