Shared Blessings

To participate in the flow of the universe, we must become adept at the art of giving.

“When you learn, teach. When you get, give.”
~Maya Angelou~

Life operates though a dynamic and consistent energy exchange. We create a flow of abundance through our willingness to share. No matter what you wish to create in your life experience, set it in motion by giving and receiving with joy, enthusiasm and compassion.

Make a practice of giving to everyone with whom you come into contact. A shared experience, a blessing, a note of support or a flower can spark miracles into motion.

You are a powerful force of love in the world. Your light is transformative and moves effortlessly through time and space of our collective consciousness. Participate in the dance of life by sharing your attention and intention.

You have unique talents and gifts. When combined with loving service they allow you to find and fulfill your purpose while accessing the energy of pure potential.


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