Separation vs Wholeness

Some people grace your life for a moment, others for a lifetime… and everything possible in between.
That’s right! I am willing to love unconditionally
Unconditional love means accepting whatever unfolds in your experience. People flow through our lives offering new insights, ideas, feelings and lessons and stay as long as the soul requires. For those with whom we share karmic contracts, interactions may be filled with the emotional highs and lows of human connection; however, they always offer an opportunity to expand our consciousness and grow in ways that we’ve never imagined. When the emotions become more neutral it is an indication that the contract is complete.Bless those who have graced your life. See them as the loving teachers that they are and send them on their way with gratitude knowing that the time you spend apart is infinitesimal compared to the bond of eternity, wholeness and Oneness that we all share.

When you choose to accept rather than spend your vital and precious energy clinging to the past, you are free to live life empowered, joyful and fully anchored in the Now. At the deepest level, all things are one. There is no separation and our purpose is simply to awaken to this knowledge and help one another along the way.

Today, my intention is to bless the loving souls who have graced my life. I am filled with gratitude knowing that each interaction has left me a better person.
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