Seeing past the projection

Things are often far different than they appear.

“Blaming is a defense against feeling the anxious quiver of our own experiences. When we stop blaming and defending, we’re often left with the one thing we least want: the trembling core of pain that we’ve spent our life trying to avoid. Yet coming face to face with that well of pain is what brings us to the very heart of our life’s practice.”
~Ezra Bayda~

I see unkindness as a cry for help. The person who lashes out is demonstrating their own pain, misery and self-hatred for all to see. When we respond with judgment, defense or hatred of our own, we miss an opportunity to bring light to the situation. The clash of egos solidifies that person’s particular script, thus reinforcing the original dysfunction.
As awakening souls, we have an opportunity and an obligation to do things differently. When one the receiving end of an attack, do your best not to drop into a lower state of consciousness. Choose to listen with an open heart. Take a pause and see if you can see past the pain to the core of truth and respond to that instead. Most likely, the energy will not dissipate immediately. In fact, it may temporarily increase because the ego’s need to fight is being thwarted.
Like a consistent drop of water that eventually changes the shape of stone, your light and consciousness brings change to the world.
Today my intention is to view every moment as one of birth and new beginnings.
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