See challenges as opportunities

You can create the space in which a transformation can occur.

“I handle all my experiences with wisdom, love and ease.” 
~Louise Hay~
In the midst of a challenge, it can be difficult to know where to turn or what is right. See the present moment as an opportunity to gain greater clarity and truth. The answers you seek are already within you, and since your purpose is to awaken, life will arrange the appropriate circumstances for you to access that inner wisdom.

Distress, worry, doubt, procrastination and apathy are just stories created by the mind that seek to derail your efforts. Rather than fight against them, use them! Embrace whatever arises with love and kindness and then choose to see through them to the eternal light of your true nature. Shine the light of consciousness in the dark – it will transform all that you see.

Open to life rather than shutting it out. Inner mastery calls upon us to take a loving, living responsibility for our own happiness in the present moment. Don’t wait for life to fall into place before you choose to be happy. Choose happiness first, and life will rise up to meet you.
Today my intention is to accept this moment fully. I choose to bring grace and ease to my life experience.
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