Sacred Moments

“May you have friends that can see you.
May your senses be windows of wonder
And your mind a prism of spirit.”
~John O’Donohue~

Before enlightenment our human condition prompted us to run from one thing to another searching for answers or trying to get ahead. We worked because the work needed to be done and planned for the future. We searched for love and struggled with doubt.

After enlightenment, the ordinary things of life begin to take on a sacred quality. We still perform the same actions; however, we approach them in an entirely different way. With consciousness, everything becomes sacred. Communication, preparing a meal, earning a living, connecting to one another in love or enjoying the majesty of a brand new day… the little things in life are transformed because we are transformed.

Settle into the innocence of your true divine nature. In order to bring the best version of yourself to any situation, stop trying so hard and just be. See past the voice of ego to the pure essence of your being. No anxiety, no need, no doubt… just the breath of life filling your experience. The joy of awakened being has no limitation.

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