Resistance as a Teacher

“We are not the only ones affected by our recovery. The spiritual awakening heals the world one person at a time.” 
~Marta Mrotek~

Often, when you begin to make substantial progress in your own spiritual growth, you’ll find that you encounter resistance from the people around you. It may be surprising to witness push-back from those who will benefit the most from your increasing awareness; however, it’s also the best form of proof of your expanding consciousness.

As we change, the world around us must change. The resistance you experience serves two purposes: it allows you to continue cultivating the attributes of a spiritual, evolving person and demonstrates the impact your growth is having on those around you.

In relationships, the person of lower consciousness actually has the most difficulty. As one becomes more empowered and present, they choose not to engage in drama as they may have in the past. The lack of energy exchange is very frustrating for those still engaged in psychic vampirism.

It’s important to cultivate compassion and gentleness. You can be kind when others are caught in the grip of drama – kind enough not to engage. Any decisions will then be based in love. Resistance, in spite of how it appears, is also an act of love that contributes to your growth.

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