Repetitive patterns

Lessons will repeat until they are no longer needed.

“I am willing to release the pattern in me that is creating any negative condition in my life.”
~Louise Hay~

Repetitive patterns show us where we are stuck. They allow us to examine the unconscious beliefs that silently run our lives and provide the opportunity to address our challenges by experimenting with different approaches.

Eventually, you will come to recognize the pattern earlier in the process. Recognition transforms frustration into opportunity as you attempt to bring a higher level of consciousness to your life situation. Trust the wisdom of your higher Self throughout this process. Everything you experience plays a specific role in the evolution of your soul.

When you observe yourself bringing peace to a situation that was formerly fraught with anxiety, when you observe old patterns with compassion, love and humor, remember to give yourself credit for how far you have come. As higher awareness infuses your life with new insight and perspective and you’ll come to recognize the true magnificence of your own Being.

Today my intention is to honor the process of my awakening. My positive thoughts plant seeds of possibility of new experiences in my life.
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