Purposeful neutrality

What you fight, you strengthen.

“Only when we abandon blame, can we transform the energy of anger into compassionate service.”
~Ezra Bayda~
When people become angry, the aura turns red and expands, typically colliding with the enraged aura of the other. The two egos do battle until one “wins” by taking the others’ life force. The other is left feeling drained, head-achy and tired. This is psychic vampirism.

People of low consciousness are constantly doing battle – online, in person, while driving, even alone yelling at the tv. They are disconnected from the Divine (or perceive themselves to be so) and so, feeling cut off, mistakenly think this hostile engagement is a necessary part of the human experience.

The awakened soul has healthier ways of recharging such as meditation, gratitude, prayer, music, joy, giving and kindness. Knowing their ability to receive light and energy directly from the universe, there is no longer any desire to participate in negative energy exchanges.

However, from time you may run across someone lost in dysfunction. Purposely choose to be mindful, silent and compassionate. Keep your thoughts, words and  actions neutral and project kindness. This conscious approach keeps your energy at a higher level so the others’ ego may deflate from having nothing to feed upon, or they may choose another target.
Today my intention is to facilitate transformation by giving and being love.  
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