Practice the presence of peace

Empowerment is simply choosing to be responsible for your own joy… and making that choice as often as you can.

That’s right! All that I need is already here

Inner acceptance in the present moment creates space around whatever arises in your experience. This brings new dimensions of consciousness into your life. Through this energy of deep connection we become loving witnesses of the Divine in all that we see.

For many people, happiness is just another role they play. It is attached to the story of how well their life situation flows – when feeling prosperous, safe or contented, all is well. But challenges quickly bring up old patterns of doubt or worry and everything seems to shift in an instant.

Happiness can be ego-generated (much in the same way that misery can) when it’s based upon a story rather than generated from within. It’s often subtle distinction of which we are unaware until life presents an opportunity to see it clearly.

Happiness, balance, empowerment, joy and passion are your true nature. You can awaken to that potential Now. It is you, it flows through you and seeks only to be expressed.

Today, my intention is to allow my inner joy to bring compassion, connection, creativity, light and love into my experience.

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