Peace begins within

Don’t give away your power.
That’s right! I am responsible for my own joy 

On the journey of transformation, one of the most amazing gifts we receive is the discovery of inner mastery. We can consciously choose how we respond to the people, circumstances, challenges and adventures of our lives.

Those who are still unconscious often feel trapped by an ego-driven response to their life circumstances. Stress is created by the belief that things are ‘wrong’ and they focus their energy on attempting to fix the people and situations around them. Often this is accompanied by the belief that peace waits for them once everything falls into place.

The awakened spirit cultivates inner peace first. From this higher state of awareness choices are made from a space of balance and actions have more power. Should you ever find yourself feeling anxious, place your focus on your inner state of consciousness first. Make yourself a priority and bring grace to your life situation.

Today, my intention is to remember that my experience of the world is merely a reflection of my thoughts and beliefs.

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