Our free will Universe

Every circumstance, person, problem, celebration and possibility in your life is there because you have drawn them in – whether through karmic contract, soul group assistance or simply because you’re ready to work on self-karma. Whenever we are ready to address a particular issue, we send energetic requests out into the Universe and things unfold in a manner that allows us the opportunity to transform, evolve or heal. You can then choose to resist or accept, to postpone or complete, run away or turn into the challenge, remain neutral or rise above. How you choose to address the circumstances of life is up to you.

The progression of spiritual awakening opens you to greater possibilities. With each shift in consciousness, you will be able to recognize more options and find various ways of handing challenges – each of which is uniquely meaningful for your soul’s work. There are no mistakes. If repeating patterns remain in your world, remember that many opportunities will continue to be provided until you are ready to break free. Once the pattern is released, it will no longer be needed and you will move on to new experiences.

Today my intention is to honor the processes of my awakening. I am grateful for all that flows through my life.

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