Our collective transformation

Life is rarely as serious as the mind makes it out to be.

“Every event is an opportunity to connect with the vastness of being.”
~Ezra Bayda~

There are various aspects to spiritual awakening: personal, ancestral, collective. We begin by focusing on the self, healing old wounds, releasing judgment and anger and discovering healthy empowerment. But growth doesn’t end there. Our expanding sense of “We are One” takes on new meaning as we open our hearts to show others the way. By teaching we anchor our knowledge and are compelled to apply it in our life situations.

Personal evolution transforms into ancestral growth. The members of our soul group are also affected and will share in the new energy we emit. As you clear your own karmic imbalances, it frees those spirits to explore new aspects of their own awakening.

Collective awakening calls upon us to slow down and share with another person or with a group. This outward exploration of your inner soul work is a demonstration of Oneness. To participate in a living, evolving experience of mutual awakening is a high form of awareness. Love, teach, be an example… repeat.
Today my intention is to remember that everything offers an opportunity to awaken.
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