Open to the mystery

Embrace the uncertainty of the unknown with joyous expectation.

That’s Right! Today is my stepping-stone to new awareness and greater joy

When you’re ready to release the need to worry, all that previously wasted energy will be directed into a full and conscious experience of the present moment. When we are anxious about the future, our fear of the unknown destroys today’s peace.

…The search for security and certainty is actually an attachment to the known. And what’s the known? The known is our past. The known is nothing other than the prison of past conditioning. There’s no evolution in that – absolutely none at all.” ~ Deepak Chopra

The natural transformation of the soul leads to less worry. We begin to experience life in the field of Now, watching it unfold, embracing infinite possibilities and open to the mystery as it unfolds in our lives.

When you focus on specifics, demanding that your life situation conform to your preconceived expectations and desires, you shut out entire realms of possibility. Rather, you can choose to celebrate the beauty of your awakening in every moment. Seek the adventures that await.

Today my intention is to welcome new people and experiences into my life.
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