Nothing is more important than your joy

Meditation, wakefulness, watchfulness, mindfulness, consciousness… these are the gifts that you carry from one life to the next. Our greatest journey is the one that leads into the unknown. This world provides a means to experience the beauty of physical life – your preferences, relationships and soul connections, experiences – but there is nothing more important than your joy.

The world in which you life is one of your creation. All life is a projection of our thoughts and beliefs. The spiritually awakened one lives totally immersed within the present moment, enjoying it totally. No matter what you choose to do, do it mindfully.

Love is only possible when you are fearless. One who is afraid will hold back, not wanting to be hurt… How can we truly connect with one another by approaching our interactions with a timid heart? Seek joy within each interaction. Give fully of yourself. Dance in the life of the Now and watch the beauty unfold in the song of your life.

Today my intention is to seek stillness, to offer compassion, most importantly, to celebrate our connection.

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