Without attachment or expectation, you can consciously create your experience moment to moment.

“Every moment is a new beginning. My life is so sweet.”
~Louise Hay~

Fall into the silence, into the gap. Notice it between heartbeats, words, thoughts, music, goals and desire. See that the silence is what gives form and substantive meaning to all that we experience. Allow yourself to live in the space of pure potential. Relax into this nothingness with the knowledge that something sacred is about to come into being.

Many people find silence overwhelming and seek to fill it; however, it is vibrant with possibility. Life, in it’s un-manifested state, contains all. Once we discover the the infinite power of Now and learn to be at ease with the unknown, a new dimension of possibility opens.

When the mind is quiet, when the life is peaceful, when stillness emanates from your very being, what remains? Nothing… and everything.

Today my intention is to be a loving witness. I see without commentary, honor whatever arises and consciously bring joy into my life experiences.
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