Mind, Body, Spirit Balance

Your mind, emotions and body are instruments and the way you align and tune them determines how well you play life.
~Harbhajan Singh Yogi~
Pay attention to the messages you receive from the body. When energy gets blocked for too long, it begins to appear as a body symptom. The correlation between mind and body is to provide another tool for healing. Stress, and all that it entails, directs your energy into a fight or flight mode which leads to imbalance.

Actively observe how you approach the present moment and treat yourself with love. Without judgement, use any and all tools at your disposal to create a quiet space of healing. When fearful, take some sort of conscious action. When doubting your value, purposely cease judging yourself so harshly and focus on speaking to yourself with kindness and compassion.

Create positive habits in your daily experience. Old channels of energy can be redirected through conscious effort. You can create powerful and positive changes in your life, and it begins with what you choose to think and say and the energy that you send out into the Universe. The source of all transformation resides within you.

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