Magical Places

Sprinkle a little other-worldliness into your experiences.

Remember, the entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you.”

You are the gateway between the Divine and the physical. Awareness teaches us how to bridge these two very different and often paradoxical experiences. The world you see is but a mere 1% of what is occurring for you and within you. Angels dance in joy around your head. Love emanates from your heart. Compassion connects us to one another and stillness allows us to discover the inherent possibilities that are available in the present moment.

In this infinite universe we have the opportunity to choose how life is experienced. As you awaken, your attitude and level of consciousness will expand your perception in ways you may not have imagined. To play in this realm of infinite possibility you must first create an attitude of magic and adventure throughout your unique journey of awakening and then see what awaits discovery.

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