Love surrounds you

Your consciousness, your love, awakens life’s symphony.

“Love is the bridge between you and everything.”
We learn by experiencing contrast. A life filled with love is typically discovered by rising above our fears. When you are willing to face the shadows of the soul, you will emerge changed, empowered and courageous.

Everything plays a role in your journey of transformation. Each step you take is supported, loved and guided – even (or especially!) in those moments when guidance and peace feel distant. The Universe is celebrating the journey of your soul and when you can open your heart to receive, magic awakens in your life.

Karmic cycles and challenges are meant to open you to greater love and balance. Seek only to fall in love with life. It is a miracle. You are a miracle, and your light brings something new and beautiful to the world.

Today my intention is to trust the processes of life.

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