Love Speaks

You are awareness. Remove the distractions and what remains?

“It’s all real and it’s all illusory. That’s awareness!”  
~Ram Dass~  

All that you see and experience is an expression of the Divine and there are infinite ways that we can play together and learn from one another. Train yourself to see beyond the roles and patterns that seem to separate us and instead choose to delve beneath the surface and be a loving witness to the truth that lies within.

In stillness we discover that anything is possible. The gap is filled with limitless potential and for a brief moment we dance in the realm of imagination. You are awareness and in that awareness you can explore new ways of being. This never-ending dance of awakening reminds us how much we need one another in order to see clearly.

In Oneness we discover that everything is love. We are deeply connected. What heals one, heals all. The greatest gift that you can give is to work on clearing anything that blocks you from feeling that connection. Be still and listen.

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