Love and Oneness

What would it take to drop all judgment and step into the realm of inclusive, loving experience?
That’s Right! We are one
As we walk together on the path of transformation, it’s important to remember that we all ultimately follow the same journey. Enlightenment is a process of awakening that spans many, many lifetimes, and what you see today is but a small fraction of the overall tapestry of existence that we weave.

Consider this: You will have the opportunity to be every race that this world has to offer (and we seem to be expanding into new realms all the time). You will have the opportunity to embrace every religion (or no religion). You will have the opportunity to be rich, poor, healthy, diseased, understood, misunderstood, desired or shunned. The process of awakening embraces every experience as important, each plays as integral role in the cultivation of compassion…

So when you feel you don’t understand the thought processes or actions of another, it may simply mean that you have yet to experience that type of life situation (or that you don’t consciously remember the lessons you carry from past lifetimes). Be patient with one another, no matter where he or she is in the process of awakening. Walk with a quiet stillness of understanding and compassion, realizing that we all do the best from where we are with what we have.

The most important thing to focus upon is your own state of consciousness. We can absolutely change the world with our love and provide one another the space in which transformation can occur.

Today my intention is to see harmony everywhere I look. Regardless of how it may appear, love and awakening are occurring in all dimensions.
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