Love and freedom

Honor all paths as sacred.
That’s right! My life unfolds perfectly

Authentic love allows us to interact with one another without fear. Ego-driven love is laced with anxiety and doubt. In the beginning of any relationship it can be challenging to tell the difference. Both feel amazing, intoxicating and life affirming as the mind imagines what could be and we begin the dance of limitless potential.

When you have healed your own wounds, authentic love will flow into your life and you will recognize it for what it is – a profound interaction that simply brings out the best in you. In this world of reflection, pay attention to what you respond to in another. The qualities you enjoy are merely  reflections of you.

Create a safe space for those you love by being consistent. Consistently compassionate, kind, accepting, supportive and most importantly, patient. Love comes in many forms and it is a reflection of the unconditional love of the Divine which seeks to experience life through each of us.

Today, my intention is to see the love that is all around me.
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