Living with grace and ease

My inner purpose is to awaken.
That’s Right! When I find harmony and balance in my mind, I find it in my life
With greater awareness, we begin to discover how often we have created stress and imbalance in our experience. The soul’s purpose is to awaken and no matter what challenges arise, what karma we have arranged or how successful we are at cultivating our unique gifts, it’s important to understand that nothing matters more than our state of consciousness.
Your state of consciousness is measured by the degree of peace you are experiencing in this moment. Peacefulness comes from releasing things which no longer serve us, from kind and supportive self talk and allowing the love of the Divine to flow through us.
You may feel compelled to accomplish certain tasks as part of your role in this lifetime. Every journey is different and exquisitely beautiful in it’s uniqueness. These outer tasks are merely the means through which your inner purpose is fulfilled.
Approach each moment with a conscious willingness to experience grace and ease. Consistently take the time to bring gentleness and acceptance to the forefront of your experience and observe how life responds to you.
Today my intention is to be gentle with myself. Every moment offers an opportunity to align with the Divine and I am grateful to be here, Now.
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