Living present

Your precious energy is needed, here and now, to open to the infinite love and power of the Divine.
That’s right! All that you need is already within you.

The past is a collection of burdens that we carry through life. To that we add the knowledge attained through various experiences, and between the two, we create the filter through which we look at the world.

It’s important to release the emotional intensity and mental attachment to the stories of the past while retaining the lessons we have learned. Clearing the energy allows us to fully experience the present moment and all that it has to offer.

“Residing fully in the present moment allows the unconditional energy of life to flow through the conditioned body and mind.”

“The willingness to simply rest in the physical experience of your life is the key to spiritual transformation.”

~ Ezra Bayda

Today, my intention is to remember that when I shine the light of consciousness, it changes whatever it illuminates.
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