Living in the moment

Your light transforms the world.
That’s right! Love flows through my very being. It touches everyone I meet and leads me to greater compassion.

The beliefs that are most deeply hidden are often those that have the greatest power of us. They play out again and again in our experience until we recognize them and begin to dissipate as we shine the light of consciousness upon them.

This awakening raises your vibration and flows higher energy into all that you do. As you consciously walk the journey of transformation, allow your choices to reflect your light. Don’t try to change, just be aware.

The only thing that we can control is our own response to life. Empowerment is found in acceptance. Freedom awaits discovery… no matter what you choose to do, do it mindfully.

You soul’s purpose is to become awake to who you truly are and that can be accomplished in any situation by remembering that authentic joy is often just a quiet presence in the moment.

Today, my intention is to be open to new and wonderful changes.

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