Living in the moment

Nothing is more important than my state of consciousness in this moment.

That’s Right! Divine peace and harmony surround me at all times

Life mirrors our every thought. Consistent practice cultivates the art of being consciously present in the Now. This is how we gain access to the deeper dimensions of life. Acceptance provides the ability to see beyond the ebb and flow of experience to the space of infinite potential.

Most people seek freedom and joy in the future. For them, focus on the present moment brings them face to face with their own fear. So, to avoid facing what needs to be healed, they become lost in the daydream of desire.

Mindfulness is a choice that we make again and again throughout the journey. When you notice any unconsciousness that arises, simply observe the thoughts creating the story and realize that your awareness is expanding. Happiness that comes from within cannot be affected by outside events. This is pure freedom.
Today my intention is to hold all things in the loving embrace of my knowing.

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