Living in the gap

Observe the stillness that exists between thoughts.

“When you go in, you touch a new kind of silence – the presence of silence itself. It is not only an absence of noise, it is something absolutely positive, almost visible, tangible.”  ~Osho~

Throughout the day, pause before you choose to reach for your phone to pass the time. Instead of ‘checking in’ with the world around you, simply go within and be still. Observe the body, slow your breathing and listen. Enter Zen from where you are. 

The mind’s habitual pattern is to stay busy, jumping from one thought to the next, finding something that needs to be done or filling the gaps with mindless activity such as watching television. It’s healthy to periodically break the pattern and move into stillness. Find the gaps in your experience and utilize those moments of deep connection. 

Once you step into stillness, you’ll notice that time slows down. As you create a deeper sense of balance and presence, you’ll bring that positive energy into the activities in which you decide to participate. Part of our spiritual journey is to bring the beautiful connection with the Now into our human experience.

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