Live consciously

What we choose to embrace, we become.
That’s Right! I see my patterns and make changes without embarrassment or guilt
Surround yourself with things that enhance the beauty of your life. Since everything emits energy, it’s helpful to be aware of what we choose to have in our experience. Wherever your attention goes, energy flows.
Your spiritual awareness is affected by everything you pay attention to. Those who fill their day with seemingly insignificant bits of negativity – watching the “news”, participating in judgment, gossip, worry, fear, etc., – create a perception of helplessness and fatigue. Pay attention and make choices that support your joy throughout the day. Layer upon layer of positive and nurturing experiences create a sense of serene inner peace.
Awareness itself has a way of altering events. When we step into the role of observer, we detach from the mind’s limited interpretations and are able to see more clearly.
Consciously approach this moment as sacred. What will you choose to talk about? How will you speak? What will you bring to share? What will you place into your body?
Today my intention is to choose joy.
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