Live beyond the human condition

Choose to live beyond the human condition.

“Celebration is a thankfulness; it is prayer out of gratitude. It is recognition of the gift that has been given to us…it is understanding.”

Humans tend to be too serious. They worry, regret, plan, stress and seek to control and ever-changing world of experience. The mind has taken over so completely that they forget to be in awe of the miracles that surround them. This limitation blocks the ability to embrace joy in the present moment.

There is no need to wait for a reason to celebrate. Let your life be a dance with the Divine, in whatever form it arrives. Discover the extraordinary within the ordinary. Begin now, and the energy will start flowing. Allow life to enter you. Seek more, feel more. The world is filled with wonder. Create some space in your experience and allow the Universe to surprise you.
Today my intention is to be joyfully present. 
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