Live authentically

“Normal” is overrated…
That’s Right! I am willing to walk my talk and speak my truth with integrity
Many people spend a great deal trying to anticipate what others expect of them. Whether parents, lovers, co-workers or strangers, all that we see is a reflection of our own beliefs. So, if you believe that someone wants you to be emotionally stronger than you feel, it truly means that you desire to be emotionally strong. Unfortunately, it’s easy to become distracted while getting stuck in the loop of blame, projecting our beliefs onto those around us and then becoming frustrated because they seem to misunderstand us or judge us.
You can step into your own power by knowing and accepting yourself. Stop trying to please others. When you live in your integrity, life becomes more clear. You’ll have a greater understanding of yourself and, as a result, will be more apt to project confidence, kindness and truth.
Each of us is unique, with special talents and desires, perception, dreams, soul mission and history. This unique blend creates the space from which you can experience the world in your own way. From there, breakthroughs and transformations are possible.
Today my intention is to stand in my truth, to live and move in love.
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