Life is an adventure

Every moment is an opportunity to awaken.

“Life is an adventure. Invite constant adventures, and whenever a call comes from the unknown, listen to it. Risk all and go into the unknown, because this is the only way to live at the maximum.”  ~Osho~

You can live life from the deeper sense of self rather than the conditioned self. The conditioned self is the surface level of existence where we observe all we see through the filters of our imprinting, our parents’ beliefs, societal expectations and the like. The deeper sense of self is the true “I am” of consciousness – the universe expressing itself through you.

No matter what arises, you can look deeper. See beyond the appearances and the roles we play to the truth of the soul. Ask yourself: “What is happening? What is real? What is illusion?”

Spirituality is formless, the unknown. It cannot be intellectualized nor grasped. It cannot be something that is achieved in the future. The moment of awakening is Now. Spirituality is something beyond concepts or words, though they can point to truths. Ultimately, you can measure the process of your awakening by observing how you respond to life. In the midst of a challenge, rather than being reactive, you’ll operate from a powerful foundation of peace and balance, and this energy will be transformative.

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