Life begins where fear ends

Take one more conscious step forward.

That’s right! The point of power is always in the present moment  

Fear tells us to stop, to stay in a protected and known space. Love asks us to take risks, to move forward and expand consciousness through experience. When fear arises, instead of saying, “I am afraid” (thereby reinforcing the control we give to fear), say “Fear is present” or “The ego is going into fear mode.” This will allow you to observe the movement of fear rather than be controlled by it. Eventually, it will lose it’s hold and begin to dissipate.

When you simply experience what arises without opinions, stories, judgment or reactions, it’s easier to see clearly and make choices that serve your growth. When life presents challenges, we can crumble or we can learn… opportunities for awakening abound.

Be willing to fall madly in love with life. Find your own way to embrace what is with an open heart. Explore, experience and expand remembering that there is always something new to discover.

Today, my intention is to be compassionate and understanding.

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