Inner Vision

Know thyself.
To see another with clarity and objectivity, one must first master stillness.
~Alberto Villodo~

The more self-aware you are, the greater peace you’ll experience. Every step that we take upon this journey is meant to create the perfect adventure of discovery. The destination is wholeness, and through wholeness we ultimately contribute a higher vibration to the collective energy of the planet.

Your unique path of awakening will ignite your inner vision and you will no longer be as dependent upon outside factors in order to achieve happiness and balance in your experience. Life, in all its messiness and glory, is the vehicle through which we achieve enlightenment.

You can be a source of stillness. You can dream and be an inspiration to those who grace your life. In moments of solitude, listen… love… be… And when you choose to share your inner wisdom, your words will be authentic and insightful.

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