Inner peace

Nothing is more important than your state of consciousness in this moment

That’s Right!  When I create harmony in my mind, I see it reflected in my life

Empowerment is taking responsibility for your own joy. When you bring mindfulness to your inner dialogue, own your own stuff, consistently seek to bring the best version of yourself to each situation and respond to life with grace and ease, you are consciously creating positive change in your experience.

From this space of peaceful awareness, any action (or non action) that you choose to take will have greater impact. The energy created through your conscious intention will not be diffused by confusion or sabotaged by self doubt.

Always remember that challenges provide an opportunity to rise above. How else will you cultivate and strengthen your best qualities? Honor those who play roles in the development of your emerging strength and self-mastery remembering that those who challenge you the most on the physical plane, love you the most on the spiritual plane. These amazing souls have agreed to assist your souls evolution and play their part to perfection.

Today my intention is to say “Yes!” to life – even the hard parts, knowing that I am loved and guided each and every step of the way.

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