Inner joy

Each of us is responsible for our own happiness… and yet, all too often we expect to find it in a mate, job, family interactions, the amount of money in a bank account or possessions. When we reach a particular goal there is a surge of joy and fulfillment which feels wonderful. We may not recognize that momentary happiness is a by-product of the ego act of seeking outside of ourselves until it is taken from us in some way. And then the pendulum swings the other direction and feelings of loss, sadness or anger ensue and with them (hopefully) an awareness that we still have access to an inner joy that is not dependent upon outside events. Then even the loss or frustration has served a beautiful purpose in our awakening.

As we develop our own inner richness and maturity, we become less attached to the romanticized ideas of our youth. We cultivate our connection to the Divine which flows joy into the present moment, sometimes surprisingly during a challenge – we are lifted by the sight of a beautiful sunset or find ourselves sitting at ease breathing in the gift of life – and we discover a new approach, how to accept or forgive and take the necessary steps toward healing.

Today my intention is to rejoice in what I have and greet challenges with open arms.

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