Inner harmony

When we are able to connect with the heart and engage with the world from there, we create a sense of harmony that flows throughout our experiences. The art of being receptive and flowing with what life offers is a skill that we cultivate each time we enter the silence of being. Joy is such a personal and powerful vibration that takes us beyond words to a place of pure simplicity.

This sense of inner harmony comes from dropping distractions, expectation and demands and honoring this step of your path as sacred. If your happiness is reliant upon outside events or circumstances, you will forever be at the mercy of the minds interpretations of the present moment, the past or the future; however, the limitless joy of your heart can never be taken from you. There is nothing more important than your inner state of consciousness. Spiritual awakening is a process of developing a greater awareness of what you already possess. This moment holds limitless possibility – what will you choose to do with it?

Today my intention is to allow love to operate in all my relationships.

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