I Am

What do you choose to say after the words, “I Am?”

“One thing is certain: Existence is overflowing. With everything it is luxurious. Poverty is man’s creation.”                       ~Osho~

Our words are powerful. Say something often enough and it becomes a core belief to which we subconsciously manage our lives. We then see that supposed ‘truth’ reflected in our experience and come to believe it even more. Many live in self-imposed prisons that their thoughts and words reinforce everyday.

We have infinite opportunities to create something beautiful. Ask someone close to you to observe the words you say and give them permission to quickly interrupt and bring your attention to anything negative or limiting. This provides an opening to purposely change to empowering, positive and motivating words. Awareness is the first step of transformation.

It may be surprising to realize how often you reinforce things you do not want to keep in your experience. The ego tricks us into believing that we must stay focused on the perceived problem in order to fix it; however, movement forward comes from focusing on solutions.

Today my intention is to live from the heart and speak with love.

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