I am….

Every moment you have a choice. What are you creating in your experience?

“I am here to serve.
I am here to inspire.
I am here to love.
I am here to live my truth.” 
~Deepak Chopra~
Listen to the words you say. Become a loving observer and consciously choose to shift any habits or words that reinforce old ways of being, blockages or limitation. You are far more powerful than you know and are constantly in the process of creation.

Empowerment comes from taking full responsibility for whatever unfolds in your experience. With this blend of strength and humility it becomes possible to set new intentions and consciously direct your energy in beautiful ways. Life will reflect your beliefs and intentions back to you, and thus begins the process of change.

It’s exciting to remember that no matter how much we have learned or how far we have come, that we have barely scratched the surface of what is possible. Your journey is sacred. You are sacred, and there are many levels still to explore.
Today my intention is to love the journey.
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