Holding on vs letting go…

What do you cling to?
That’s Right! I am willing to deal with my feelings 

Could it be that the weight of all your beliefs, memories and old expectations holds you back from the freedom that your soul requires? Sometimes it’s healthy to create some space to explore the nuances of your unique path. Hold on to the support you have, the joy you create and the infinite possibilities that await discovery. Release all that blocks you from experiencing love, light and laughter.Life is full of death and life, endings and beginnings, pivots in our planned direction, surprises and coincidences that spice up the dance of being. We cannot fully experience the present moment and all that is has to offer unless we are unencumbered by thought. Free yourself to accept the gifts of the Divine – undoubtedly, they are outside of the known parameters of your expectation.

You are on the verge of a tremendous transformation. How will you choose to open yourself to the possibility?

Today my intention is to keep a loving attitude and create a world where it is safe for us to love one another.
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