Healthy relationships

Live in the realm of infinite possibility.

“My heart is open. I speak with loving words.” 
~Louise Hay~
How often do you feel disappointment? How quickly does it arise and how long do you allow it to remain? Relationships provide an opportunity to learn how to live with an open heart. See those around you as teachers. Their actions, inaction, choices and perceptions are guided by your karmic agreements. Every situation plays a specific role in your souls growth.
See well you truly honor each path as sacred, regardless of how it appears. Remember, those you love are also walking the path of transformation. In your interactions, choose to be fully present, a non-judgemental listener. Drop all demands and expectation and you’ll discover the freedom that compassion and acceptance have to offer.
Life’s wonder and mystery can be discovered wherever you are. In the midst of a challenge, see if you can stop and silently thank the other person for pushing you into new areas of growth. Be kind and gentle with yourself and others as you learn to live in the realm of infinite possibility.
Today my intention is to help to create a world where it is safe for us to love each other.
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