I choose joy – in every moment, in every situation, in every interaction.
That’s Right! I am grateful
Whatever we send out into the world returns to us. In the process, the energy expands and transforms with it’s own unique volition. Our role is to be willing to receive while honoring the processes of our own growth.
Happiness comes first. When you choose to live from a space of authentic joy and gratitude, your consciousness becomes a magnet for all the gifts that life has to offer. The joyful person seeks for the opportunity to dance, learn, share and love and realizes that there is no need to struggle.
If you have ever caused yourself pain, let it transform into compassion. The lessons of the past have brought us to this sacred moment where we stand together at the threshold of understanding. Choose to drop the stories which no longer serve you and step into joy.
Today my intention is to love unconditionally
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